Important Information

  • Tryouts are held each semester as deemed fit by the leadership of the UTD CS:GO Club.

  • In order to tryout, you must be actively enrolled into the University of Texas at Dallas for the given semester tryout.

Per league rules

  • The players on each team must be a full-time student. Full-time status is generally given to students taking 12 credit hours or more for undergraduates. Some exceptions can be made on a case-by-case situation with the league organizers.

  • All players must maintain good status with the university in order to compete (GPA ≥ 2.0, no violations, no probation, etc.).

  • All players must have a unique Steam ID, as well as a good standing third party account connected to the unique Steam ID.
    Examples: FACEIT, ESEA. The account used depends on what third party service the league organizers decide to use for the year.

*** All rules outlined above are in accordance with the Collegiate Starleague CS:GO Rules found here. ***

General Information

  • We currently anticipate to play in the Collegiate Starleague (CSL) and North American Collegiate Counter-Strike (NACCS) leagues.

  • Default match time for CSL is on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM Central Standard Time. Rescheduling is allowed, however most teams force default so if you know you will not be available for most Saturday's at 2:00 PM, reconsider attending tryouts. If you have any questions or concerns on this point, message "ado1fo" on the discord server for more information.

  • Communication is very important to us both in and out of game. Be able to check discord team text channels daily and respond quickly & reliably when pressing matters arise such as: rescheduling matches, match times, subbing, practice, etc.

  • Tryouts will be played on the most up-to-date version of CS:GO and maps used in the competitive pool the professionals play in.

  • There are a lot of skilled players at UTD, expect tryouts to be held sometime in the first 8 weeks of the academic year so if you are super serious about making a team, start training now. Spring tryouts will be held before the first week of classes.

  • If you'd like to get an idea of where you currently are in skill level compared to other students, play in our ten man FACEIT hub whenever they become active. There is no set schedule for ten mans, but check the #ten-mans text channel in discord to see when it's running.

If you are not in the discord server, click on "Discord Server" in the top right of the website to get a direct invite link.